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Cold Drip Coffee Percolator

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Unique Cold Drip Coffee Percolator to suit your wildest coffee laced dreams. High quality, smooth and undeniably ergonomic, this beautiful piece made of thick, heat-resistant glass powerfully percolates and drips your iced or hot coffee to perfection. Holds up to five cups and includes a repertoire of components to make your coffee not just a drink, but an embodiment of experiences previously available only to masters of the craft, elite coffee shops, or coffee connoisseurs at distinct, secret coffee shops. Modernize your kitchen and your afternoons with freshly dripped and percolated coffee. Trust us, you'll never go back to your old coffee machine after trying this. It's all about aroma, flavor and the experience that comes with it. Don't delay, this exclusive item won't last long at this price. Zap your kitchen. Zappify your lifestyle.