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Frequently Asked Questions

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What's so special about ZapFoods.US?

Most of our products cannot be purchased at major retail chains, we like to think they are unique, just like every one of us. Sometimes they are so new, stores don't even have them yet, or they are so revolutionary, major retailers don't want to risk the chance of buying them in bulk, so they prefer to limit their product availability, sticking with the conventional. We work directly with our global network of partners to supply the best and most innovative items directly from them.

Our products at ZapFoods.US retail at lower prices than in regular, brick-and-mortar stores, or big-brand stores.

Zap Quality: A lot of large retailers purchase from the supplier who offers the cheapest price. These suppliers have a tendency to reduce the quality of their products to get the 'contract'. Perhaps they reduce the amount of cotton and add polyester, insert the weaker PP plastic where ABS is necessary, add a lower grade of metal when Stainless Steel 304 is needed for durability. This is how large retailers make money, at the expense of the customer. 

At ZapFoods.US there are no 'bulk' contracts. We get the item you want, directly from the supplier, made with the best materials at the most affordable price.

Zap Shelf-life: At large retail stores, products have been stored in warehouses for a substantial amount of time. Those warehouses house all types of products together under less than sanitary conditions. Once warehouses begin to get full, they set the less than optimal items at lower prices, even when the quality is known to have deteriorated, or the packaging mishandled. They just wipe off the dust and get them on the stand for a lower price, not to sell, but to get rid of them. Again, at the expense the customer.

At ZapFoods.US there are no distant, crowded warehouses involved in our order lifecycle process. No unsanitary, nor hazardous conditions. It is manufactured, tested and packaged, then shipped to you. We offer quality and food safety in exchange for a little order processing time.

So you see, it is not only about having more accessible prices. It is also about the diversity in our product line, item quality, and food safety. That's what we care about here at ZapFoods.US

It's what makes us unique.

What do you do with my credit card information?

All information entering our servers is private and not shared with third-parties unless previously approved by you. We are real people, too, and we value privacy just as much as the next guy (ok, maybe not like your peeping neighbor).

I like your products, but why 12-20 days shipping?

We trade exclusively with manufacturers. Our network of suppliers is global with many companies in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. This allows us to offer the best available prices! Whereas we understand shipping time is less than ideal, this allowed timeframe gives manufacturers ample time to process your order, ensure quality, and ship as fast as possible. Most of the time it's less than 12 days, but we wouldn't want to lie to you if one of our partners takes longer than expected. We also offer tracking numbers for most of our products, so you can be sure of where it is during the shipping cycle :)

I purchased multiple products. I've only received one, where are the others?
Since products may come from different suppliers, please expect separate packaging and delivery times. This is to ensure your have the best quality in your purchase every time :)

I haven't received my product and it's past the timeframe. What do I do?
If a tracking number was sent to you after your order was placed, then not to worry! If you didn't receive a tracking number and it's past the timeframe, please contact us at:

My product is not as I expected. What can I do? 
If your purchase arrived not as expected, or the product is not performing well, the please send us an email at so we can notify our partners. We'll provide a full refund if merited.

I really like your products. Can you start offering more items?
We are always open to suggestions or recommendations. Our team is always looking out for the newest products at the best prices. Send us an email at with your ideas and we'll search our partner network. We'll do our best to make them accessible and Zappy :)

Happy shopping, happy life.


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